Our History

Our History the Journey So far

MIK Foundation Uganda started far back in 2014 with an aim of bringing hope to marginalized, orphans and abandoned children in the Bunyoro Sub-region. It’s under the leadership of Kamugasa Maria Sophie formally a radio Broadcaster at Liberty Broadcasting Services 89.0 FM.

Sophie in her popular radio program “Ebbaruha” (your letter), was overwhelmed by the increased cases of child neglect, orphanage and single parenting in the region. This has resulted into child labour, early marriages and street children which put the lives of the young ones at risk. She found out that however much the government has introduced basic education of Universal Primary/Secondary Education; to many children it remains a dream as they cannot even afford the minimal required scholastic materials.

Bunyoro Sub region is still faced with Gender Based Violence, Poverty, low levels of education etc which are major contributors to the overwhelming number of the orphans, much as the government and other development stake holders continue to tackle the same the situation is till in existence.

The discovery of the Oil and Gas in Bunyoro is a huge threat, there is a huge influx of people into the area and urbanization is at speed light this means all the negative effects which comes along with that will automatically increase, we are already experiencing a huge intake of orphans at the MIK centre more than what we can handle

This calls for more support from the MIK Fraternity and all the good Samaritans out there, to those already supporting us we are so grateful to you, may the Almighty Lord God bless you. We are determined and committed to developing and giving a good future for the needy souls. When success comes our way as a team we shall have added a brick towards human development and our country Uganda at large